Business summary

Products handled and country of origin

Products handled

  • Ingredients-Various dried fruits, various nuts, chestnuts, soybeans, beans, peas, green beans, bamboo shoots, edible wild plants, mushrooms, various frozen juices, frozen fruits, etc.
  • Processed products-Candied chestnuts, sweet chestnut retort packs, rice crackers, snacks, chocolate, pudding, candy, nuts, various sweetened bean paste, paste products (nuts and fruits), beverages, black tea, boiled bamboo shoots, low-temperature fried products, freeze-dried products, etc.

Country of origin

United States, China, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Latvia, Bolivia, Peru, Pakistan, Turkey, Chile, Czech Republic, Spain, Singapore, Cambodia, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, etc.

Certification Organization:Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association

Member Associations:Japan Pea and Bean Importers Association,
Japan Nut Association, Japan Dried Fruits Importers Association, Bean Sprout Grower’s Association of Japan, Japan Sprouting Beans Importers Association

Product catalogue

Beans catalogue

Driedfruits catalogue

Product development / distribution scheme

Product development/distribution scheme

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